Education Awareness Grants

MAF’s mission is to advance awareness of how architecture enriches life. As part of our mission, we educate a future generation of architecture advocates, and connect people to architectural resources and education.

MAF’s Education Awareness Grant Program supports projects and programs that align with MAF’s mission of advancing awareness of how architecture enriches life.

The grants are intended to benefit students in Michigan under the age of 18 years old, with the goal to reach out, engage, and promote awareness and education of K-12 students as advocates of architecture and its benefit to society.

Applications close April 1.

Thanks to funds provided by MAF and individual endowed funds within MAF, awards up to $15,000 are available through the Grant Program. Grant funds may be awarded to a single recipient or to multiple recipients, at the discretion of the Grant Committee.

Applicants must be a 501c3 organization.

Download the MAF Education Awareness Grants Application

For more information, contact:
Tom Mathison, FAIA, Chair
MAF Education Awareness Grants Committee


Criteria for Selection


How, and to what extent does the program promote an understanding and learning of architecture by students ages 18 or younger?


How many students will likely engage with or receive this program either directly or through media channels?


To what extent will this investment attract other resources or other organizations to support the program’s objectives?


How important is the grant money to the organization and its ability to produce the program?


What is the likely outcome or result of the program after its completion?

Project Requirements

  • Provide students with a unique architecture learning experience not currently available
  • Be located or produced within the State of Michigan
  • Conform to the Application Requirements that follow

Application Requirements

1. Cover Letter (1 page)

Include an Executive Summary, briefly explaining why you are requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds, if awarded.

2. Information Sheet (1 page)

Provide the information requested on the grant application form (link to the application on this page).

3. Program Profile (1 page)

Provide program narrative with the application.

4. Exhibits (1 page)

Provide graphic material, photographs or other imagery appropriate to your case for support.



Organizations or individuals should download and complete the MAF Education Awareness Grant application requirements.

Completed grant applications should be submitted as a PDF via email to: Tom Mathison, FAIA, Chair, MAF Education Awareness Grant Committee,

Grants are awarded once annually, on May 1. Applications must be received by April 1, 2023 to be considered for award by May 1. Applicants may receive up to one award each calendar year. Previous grantees are eligible to submit applications.

The Chair will forward applications to the Education Awareness Grant Committee for evaluation, and they will send their award recommendation to the MAF Board of Trustees for approval.

Following Board approval, the Chair will notify the recipient within three days of the approval. Disbursement of funds to the successful recipient will be made within 60 calendar days.

After the event / program, the successful grant recipient will email the Evaluation Report indicating actual performance of the program and its communication success.

Post Program Evaluation for Successful Applicants

Please email your Program Evaluation to the Chair of the Education Awareness Grant Committee with the following information after the program completion.

  • Program Name
  • Date of program or completion
  • Actual attendance or audience
  • Press releases or other media channel examples
  • Images from the event or program

Download the MAF Education Awareness Grant Application