The MAF is a volunteer organization with a strong committee structure. The work of the Foundation is done within these Committees.

Committee members are appointed from both the MAF Board, as well as individual members of the public at large.

  • Executive Committee: Operates the day to day functions of the Foundation and implements strategy. Elected by the Board.
  • Nominations Committee: Chaired by VP and appointed by the President in the year prior to nominations.
  • Finance Committee: Oversees financial policy and endowment investments.
  • Development Committee: Develops strategy and programs in support of donor relations and fundraising.
  • Communications Committee: Sets editorial direction, policy and edits all communications. Directs the day to day operations of the website and its functions, and distributes email communications.
  • Annual Donor Event Committee: Chaired by the President, sets plan, program and budget for annual donor appreciation event.
  • Architecture Awareness Grants Committee: Administers public awareness grants and makes recommendations for grant approvals.
  • Dumke Fund Committee: Develops policy and programs that guide the use of the fund.
  • Tincknell Fund Committee: Develops policy and programs that guide the use of the fund.
  • Historic Preservation Committee: Administers the Evans Graham Preservation Award and fund. Appoints jury members.
  • K-12 Committee: Develops strategy, curates programs, and recommends programs for students.
  • Scholarship Committee: Administers the scholarship program, criteria and award. Appoints the jury that selects the winners.
  • Auction Committee: Administers and develops annual auction fundraiser for public awareness and education grant support.
  • Golf Committee: Administers and develops annual golf event in support of Scholarships and K-12 education.
  • Michigan Architecture Committee: Curates and edits the Michigan Architecture section of the website.

MAF Committee Members

Executive Committee
  • Tim Casai, President
  • Doug Kueffner, Vice President
  • Bob Daverman, Secretary
  • Carl Roehling, Treasurer
  • Tom Mathison, Past President
  • Les Tincknell, Chair
  • Kevin Flattery
  • Cindy Pozolo
  • Carl Roehling
  • Park Smith
  • Kirk Delzer, Chair
  • Lisa Demankowski
  • Kelli Herman
  • Angela Jeruzal
  • Doug Kueffner
  • Chuck Lewis
  • Jamie Piercy
  • Carl Roehling
  • Carl Roehling, Chair
  • Kathy Banicki
  • Amy Baumer
  • Tim Casai
  • Bob Daverman
  • Kirk Delzer
  • Doug Kueffner
  • Tom Mathison
  • Dan Bollman, Chair
  • Jan Culbertson, Chair
  • Anna Anderson
  • Randy Case
  • Bryan Cook
  • Angela Jeruzal
  • Jessica Marji
  • Rocco Romano
  • Lonnie Zimmerman
Architecture Awareness Grants
  • Damian Farrell, Chair
  • Jan Culbertson
  • Lisa Demankowski
  • Les Tincknell
  • Rae Dumke, Chair
  • Alan Cobb
  • Stephanie Klimmek
  • Doug Koschik
  • Jeff Ryntz
  • Michelle Saroki
  • Steve Smith
  • Karen Swanson
  • Steve Vogel
  • Les Tincknell, Chair
  • Rae Dumke
  • Carl Roehling
  • Carl Roehling, Chair
  • Gene Hopkins
  • Park Smith
  • Les Tincknell
  • Tim Casai, Chair
  • Gene Hopkins
  • Les Tincknell
  • Tim Casai-Chair
  • Katherine Banicki-Banicki
  • Michael Cooper-HED
  • Michael Cosgrove-PCIA
  • Paul Haselhuhn-Toschach
  • Bob Hoida-President's
  • Gene Hopkins-Robinson
  • Joel Smith-Neumann
  • Paul Stachowiak-Stachowiak
  • Les Tincknell-Tincknell
  • Park Smith, Chair
  • Randy Case
  • Kathryn Eckhert
  • Nancy Finegood
  • Annie Graham
  • Bill Graham
  • Gene Hopkins
  • Lis Knibbe
  • Jessica Quijano
  • Jennifer Radcliffe
  • Carl Roehling
  • Tom Roberts
  • Mark Rodman
  • Ron Staley
  • Les Tincknell
Michigan Architecture
  • Chuck Lewis, Chair
  • Kirk Delzer
  • Bob Daverman, Chair
  • Chuck Lewis, Vice Chair
  • Amy Baumer
  • Rae Dumke
  • Damian Farrell
  • Jeff Hausman
  • Alex Ivanikiw
  • Brandon Kinsey
  • Doug Kueffner
  • Tom Mathison
  • Tyler Mehl
  • Cindy Pozolo
  • Chuck Sidor
  • Brandon Kinsey, Chair
  • Kevin Shultis, Chair
  • Chuck Sidor (Auction)
  • Todd Drouillard
  • Kelli Herman
  • Carl Roehling
  • Bob Washer
  • Michael Cosgrove (Volunteer)
  • Jamie Piercy (Volunteer)
  • Les Tincknell (Volunteer)
  • Marion Tincknell (Volunteer)
  • Debbie Washer (Volunteer)
  • Carl Roehling, Chair
  • Katherine Banicki
  • Rae Dumke
  • Chuck Lewis
  • Cathy Mosley
  • Mike Neville
  • Cindy Pozolo
  • Paul Stachowiak
  • Craig Wolanin
  • Doug Kueffner, Chair