A Sweet Result:
Gourmet Chocolate Making Class Raises Money for
MAF Educational Programs


Ever wanted to learn how to make gourmet chocolates? A lucky group of local residents recently did – they participated in a gourmet chocolate-making class. The class was held on January 23 at the offices of Professional Concepts Insurance Agency in Brighton.

The class, which was taught by architect, attorney, and chef Fred Butters, raised funds for MAF’s K12 educational programs. The class had been rescheduled due to the pandemic, and participants were excited to roll up their sleeves and get started.

The class size was limited to allow for the demonstration plus the hands-on format needed for the class. Participants made dipped chocolates with coconut, peanut butter, peppermint, caramel, lemon, chocolate cream, and espresso centers, then took their sweet creations home.

“Making chocolates is something of an acquired skill,” said Fred. “While it requires technique, it is more of art, like cooking, as opposed to the science of baking.”

At the holidays. Fred’s grandmother made chocolates, cookies, and other sweet treats. Inspired by her efforts, Fred has taken a number of culinary classes to hone his skills and has learned how to make everything from authentic Mexican mole to Italian amaretti cookies.

Over the years, Fred has taught other MAF fundraiser cooking classes, including authentic Italian pasta sauces and Italian desserts, as well as MAF fundraising dinners. At this summer’s MAF Auction for Education, a cooking class that turns into dinner, taught by Fred, is slated to be one of the auction items for bid (look for updates in the near future).

Fred also has held fundraising classes and dinners to benefit the restoration of Affleck House, the Frank Lloyd Wright house owned by Lawrence Technological University (Fred’s alma mater). Read the article on Affleck House.

One of the things Fred enjoys most about cooking is teaching others how to cook, and seeing their joy in their accomplishment. He also appreciates what food and cooking tell us about the world and its history.

“As an architect, studying architecture helps you to understand a country’s culture-but the fastest way to learn about a culture is to study its food,” he says.