A Letter from MAF President Tim Casai: You Are Our Foundation


To our valued donors and friends who supported the Michigan Architectural Foundation in 2019:

While many of you have undoubtedly received numerous electronic communications since the beginning of the national emergency, we at the Michigan Architectural Foundation wish to add our voice to your digital ear.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees of MAF, and more importantly on behalf of those students who have been recipients of our many scholarships in architecture, those awarded MAF grants for the preservation of significant architecture, and those who have benefitted from engagement with other MAF programs directed at our architectural heritage and future, we thank you for your support in 2019!

We would prefer to thank you in person at one of our outreach events to engage our donors and friends, however we have postponed those opportunities in light of the need to physically distance from one another.  It is our great hope to re-schedule these events later this year, as we recover from this pandemic which has altered our lives and limited our ability to interact.

The non-profit mission of the MAF is “Advancing Public Awareness of How Architecture Enriches Life”, and we support that mission through education, funding, and connections.  We have worked to build our endowment to allow direct support of publications that are physical, digital, and on film.  We work to build imagination through books and video engagement with kids, as well as curriculum support for teachers.  Our public awareness grants reach out to engage the public in dialogue and appreciation of architecture in our lives.

It is our great hope that you, your families, friends, and colleagues are well and coping positively with the crisis.  We wish you the best, and hope that you will keep the Michigan Architectural Foundation in your thoughts and plans for 2020 and beyond.  We are so gratified that you have chosen to engage with us in 2019 and to support our mission and programs.


Tim Casai, FAIA
2020 President, Michigan Architectural Foundation