It’s Almost Time – to Hit the Road Again!
Announcing the Return of MAF’s
Architecture Road Trips


If you’ve been clamoring to get away from it all (either in person or virtually) and experience great Michigan architecture, the wait is almost over. MAF’s popular Architecture Road Trip series is soon to return!

Launched last Spring, MAF’s Architecture Road Trips take us on a new Michigan architecture adventure every month, with journeys that lead to some of the state’s most interesting structures and sites, one destination, region, style, or theme at a time.

Whether you want to take a close to home road trip this summer (or anytime), explore Michigan architecture remotely as part of your ‘staycation’, or simply learn more about Michigan architecture, MAF has you covered. Our goal is to advance awareness of and appreciation for Michigan architecture, and inspire you to experience how architecture enriches life.

Last year’s MAF’s Architecture Road Trips included:

Watch for more MAF Architecture Road Trips in upcoming issues of the MAF newsletter.

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