Inspiring Young Imaginations:
MAF’s Free Educational Programs
for Kids


Studies show thought processes that nurture creativity and critical thinking begin at a young age. MAF’s ’s free STEAM-based educational resources have been developed to foster those processes while stimulating children’s curiosity through fun mental and physical activities:

  • Architecture: it’s Elementary! is a multi-disciplinary educational curriculum designed to introduce students from kindergarten through grade five to architecture and the built environment. Developed with input from Michigan educators, the curriculum provides kids with critical STEAM-related learning opportunities, through lessons and activities that engage their minds, bodies, and imaginations.  Learn more about Architecture: it’s Elementary!, and access the curriculum guide here.
  • ArchiTreks is a video program designed to get kids excited about architecture, science, and engineering through segments that take kids on neighborhood adventures to explore shapes, structures, landmarks, and preservation, and pique curiosity about their surroundings. Created in partnership with Detroit Public Television (DPTV), each of the ArchiTreks video segments airs on the Michigan Learning Channel (MLC). Access the ArchiTreks segments here.
  • Build Imagination Book and Toy Kits help to stimulate children’s imaginations and lead them to explore architecture through reading and creative play. The Build Imagination Toy Kits are available at select libraries throughout Michigan. The Build Imagination Book Collection is housed at Birmingham’s Baldwin Library and available to borrow statewide through the intra-library loan system. Contact Baldwin Library and visit their website for more information about the Build Imagination Book Collection. For the Build Imagination Toy Kits, contact your local library.