Inspiring the Next Generation:
MAF Announces Launch
of its Education
Awareness Grant Program 


The Michigan Architectural Foundation (MAF) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Education Awareness Grant Program. The program will support architecture-based education projects and programs intended to benefit students under the age of 18 years old throughout the state of Michigan.

“MAF is excited to provide resources through this new grant program to support innovative K-12 educational initiatives,” said Tom Mathison, FAIA, MAF Education Awareness Grant Committee Chair.  “As with all MAF programming, initiatives supported by the grants will promote an awareness and understanding of how architecture enriches life in Michigan.”

Each year the grant program will award up to $20,000 to help support architecture-related education programs that engage students in creative ways. This may include but is not limited to public broadcasters, summer camps, neighborhood associations, public libraries, children’s museums, and other non-profit entities.  Funds may be awarded to a single recipient or to multiple recipients, at the discretion of the MAF Education Awareness Grant Committee.

The grant application process will open in January 2023 and close on April 1, 2023.  Grants are awarded once annually, on May 1 of each year. Applicants are encouraged to apply by email, submitting a proposal summary, project cost, activities, and how their project will advance the mission of MAF.  Grant recipients are eligible to receive up to one grant per calendar year. Recipients must apply each year to be eligible.

Applications will be evaluated with the following criteria:

Promotion:      How does the program promote an understanding and learning of architecture by students ages 18 or younger?

Audience: How many students will likely engage with or receive this program either directly or through media channels?

Leverage: To what extent will this investment attract other resources or other organizations to support the program’s objectives?

Need: How important is the grant money to the organization and its ability to produce the program?

Results: What is the likely outcome or result of the program after its completion?


Continue to watch the MAF website, social media, and newsletter for the official opening of the application process and other grant program-related news.

“The goal of the MAF Education Awareness Grant program is to reach out, engage, and promote awareness and education of K-12 students as advocates of architecture and its benefit to society,” said Tom. “And thanks to funds provided by MAF and individual endowed funds within MAF, we are able to help organizations invest in fueling children’s imaginations and exploration of the built environment through architecture.”