Full STEAM Ahead!
MAF’s Architecture: it’s Elementary! Features FREE Fun, Educational Activities for Kids


Are you are looking for fun, engaging and hands-on educational activities for your kids that incorporate STEAM learning principles? How about interactive activities that provide dynamic learning opportunities to engage their imaginations and curiosity about their surroundings?

Did you know studies show that when you inspire children to learn about architecture, in a hands-on, fun, and interactive way, they develop better observation, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, learn to understand order, and to think visually?*

That’s the premise of Michigan Architectural Foundation’s Architecture: it’s Elementary! a FREE, multi-disciplinary educational curriculum designed to introduce students from kindergarten through grade five to architecture and the built environment, through fun learning activities. Watch a preview of Architecture: it’s Elementary on MAF’s educational YouTube channel, Architecture for Youth.

Developed and supported by AIA (American Institute of Architects) Michigan architects, with input from educators, the online-based curriculum encompasses principles of social studies, art, language arts, history, science, and math, providing students with critical STEAM related learning opportunities.

The curriculum guide, which is divided into easy-to-download sections by grade with multiple age-based lessons per grade, was recently updated, to make its lessons easier to follow and download than ever. Download the FREE curriculum guide.

Lessons can be utilized by parents who want to interact with their children in fun, educational activities, or as part of home-based learning. Lessons also can easily be incorporated into existing educational curriculums by teachers (remotely or in the classroom), and in the future, as part of an after-school, summer, or community enrichment program.

See lessons in action on MAF’s educational YouTube channel, Architecture for Youth

Studies also show thought processes that nurture creativity and critical thinking begin at a young age. Architecture: it’s Elementary! was designed to help foster those processes in kids while stimulating curiosity about their surroundings, through fun activities that appeal to elementary school-age students.

Want to know more about Architecture: it’s Elementary and MAF’s other free educational resources for children?

Visit https://michiganarchitecturalfoundation.org/education/resources-for-kids/.