From the Desk of
MAF President Chuck Lewis:
A New Chapter to Celebrate


I have had the privilege of being part of the Michigan Architectural Foundation (MAF) for over
five years now. This year, I am honored to begin my first term as MAF president. I follow a list
of past-presidents and leaders who inspire me to continue fostering the growth of the MAF in
the community. What attracted me to MAF was the generosity I witnessed from the trustees,
benefactors, and sponsors to encourage students and promote architecture.

The grants and scholarship programs grow each year with new commitments from a diverse
group of people who have spent their careers in the pursuit of design excellence. Last year the
MAF reached the goal of awarding over $35,000 in scholarships to a variety of students who
need support to meet the needs of the cost of an architectural education, and each of whom
demonstrated commitment to the profession. These scholarships have a real impact on the lives
of aspiring architectural students.

Last year MAF saw a strong financial rebound from the previous market, which put MAF in a
great position to support its programming in 2024 and beyond. In this newsletter, you will read
about past MAF board member Les Tincknell, who for decades did magic leading MAF’s finance
committee. Les passed away on January 17, and we will miss him and his commitment to the
profession and his local community. His legacy will continue to be an inspiration to us all!
New in 2024 will be a MAF fund to support underrepresented minorities in the profession, and in
particular, to help them pay off student debt and fulfill the goal of becoming a licensed architect.
The award, which will be funded by a generous endowment from a MAF trustee, is a first for

At MAF, we have a saying that we promote: “Architecture does it” – and I could not agree more. As
an architect, I feel a commitment to promote how architecture enriches our lives. Being part of a
profession where we have an opportunity and a duty to create buildings that enrich our
communities is a passion and privilege. In 2024, MAF will continue to support our mission,
along with improving access to our free educational materials; promoting our grants,
scholarships, and other programming; and spreading the message of MAF. Please look for our
monthly newsletter, social media, and check our website, to follow our progress and for important and
exciting updates.

MAF celebrates architecture, and we hope to continue to inspire you more in 2024!

Chuck Lewis, AIA
2024-2025 MAF President