From MAF President Tim Casai:
Building on a Foundation of Solid Support


If the support of great architecture is its foundation, then the support of a foundation is its people.  The people who comprise the Board of Trustees of the Michigan Architectural Foundation give the support and energy that drives our board and its committees to strive for our goal of ‘Increasing Appreciation of How Architecture Enriches Life’.

I am thankful to this Board and to the people who have worked to continue reaching for this goal.  I am thankful to Park Smith and Bob Washer for their leadership and financial support for so many years, and for Dan Bollman, for his hard work in MAF’s educational programming.  I am really excited to welcome Jeff Hausmann, Amy Scoby, and Brandon Kinsey to our 2022 Board.  And I am very pleased to announce and to welcome Doug Kueffner as MAF’s 2022 President, and Chuck Lewis as our 2022 Vice President.  I believe in these people and know that they will drive the MAF forward to more opportunities and successes.

For the past couple of years, and despite our pandemic riddled time, we have been able to increase our scholarship awards in both number of awards and dollars.  We have increased funding for grants that support architectural awareness and creatively connect people and architecture, those that support historic preservation, and for programs that help expose and educate young people to the value and impact of architecture in their lives.  We have also reached out to libraries across the state to excite young minds about architecture and the environment, with gifts of STEAM-based architecture toys in MAF’s Build Imagination kits.  Our presence in the digital space has grown and become more accessible and indeed more content rich through social media, website content, and electronic newsletters that have connected us with architecture lovers and supporters throughout Michigan and beyond.

In short, I am grateful, to our donors, to our Board, and to those of you who believe as we do that architecture and the built environment truly matter in our lives.  Stay tuned and continue your support of MAF, as our foundation of people is getting better and stronger, and our programs continue to grow.


Tim Casai, FAIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2020/2021 MAF President