Creative Bridges:
MAF+AIAMI Bridge Intern
Deven Johnson


With many traditional architecture student internships still in flux due to COVID, and based on the success of its 2020 inaugural year, the Michigan Architectural Foundation (MAF) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Michigan once again held the MAF + AIA Michigan Internship Bridge Program this past summer.

The goal of the program is to help bridge the current gap in available student architectural internship programs in Michigan, and preserve educational, experience, and career-boosting opportunities normally provided through the traditional internship experience. This year’s program, which began in early June and ran for eight weeks, included students from Michigan’s five architectural schools participating in internships that provided virtual, in person, or a mix of the two work experience types.

University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture and Community Design (SACD) student Deven Johnson recently completed his MAF + AIAMI Bridge Internship with the Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC). This Fall, he began the senior year of his Bachelor of Architecture program, and is currently studying architecture in Volterra, Italy, as part of SACD’s study abroad program. Deven also plans to pursue his Master of Architecture Degree.

Meet Deven:

“I attended Cass Technical High School for my secondary education. From a very young age I knew that art and design was a career path that I wanted to follow, so I decided to choose my curriculum in Commercial Arts. Soon after graduating in 2018, my interest in art and design led me to study Architecture at University of Detroit Mercy. I have always believed that design is not only a form of expression, but a way of communicating with the world. My core strengths in design are my skills with model and diorama building. I also have a strong background in hand drawing and painting, and I am proud to bring these talents into the architectural workspace.”     

“Through my Summer Bridge Internship experience with DCDC, I learned a lot that helped me on the path towards accomplishing my goals and preparing me to practice architecture. My time management and accuracy skills improved. I grew more comfortable making architectural diagrams, and more confident in my ability to visually express my ideas. My project managers also were a very essential part of my learning and my growth throughout my internship.”

Congratulations, Deven, on the completion of your internship. We wish you continued success as you complete your degree program, and in your future!