A Letter from MAF President Tim Casai:
The Spirit of Generosity Carries Us into a New Year


This may sound counterintuitive to many of you reading this newsletter from the Michigan Architectural Foundation, but we hope that the new year of 2021 is as productive for you as 2020 was for MAF. We certainly do not mean this in terms of health, wellness, or other miseries of the strangest year in a century, but rather in terms of the generosity of our valued donors who contributed so much to our ability to fund the grants, awards, scholarships, and programs that MAF supports.

The year past was difficult and indeed devastating for so many, and in many ways. We are humbled by those who chose to support MAF through their donations of time and dollars. MAF grew as a foundation due to the incredible generosity of those who supported our efforts.

It is early in 2021, but we already have an increased desire to do more to promote our vision, and to educate and communicate with the public regarding how architecture enriches life in Michigan. MAF’s board members, including three new board members announced in this newsletter, along with all of our supporters, are committed to the continued growth and outreach that grew last year despite the pandemic.

We welcome all of you who see value in the grants, awards, scholarships, and programs that MAF supports to continue to do so. The organizations, students, interns, and many others who received financial support last year are so appreciative of your efforts, and hope that we are able to do more in the future.

As the new year progresses, we thank and celebrate those who have contributed so much to the MAF and who, by doing so, supported the initiatives that we feature in each of our newsletters. Please read on about some of those who have benefitted from MAF’s programs, and how your support has been so meaningful and successful to each and every recipient.

We welcome your continued involvement, financial support, and input on ways we can better communicate MAF’s mission in 2021 and beyond!


Tim Casai, FAIA                                                                                                                                                      2020/2021 Michigan Architectural Foundation President