A Letter from MAF President Tim Casai:
In the Most Challenging of Times,
Architecture Continues to Positively Shape our Lives


If there has been a more consequential year than 2020, I cannot remember it. Good and bad have conspired to force change and reaction in our business, personal, and artistic lives. However, it is undisputed that good architecture endures, and despite the difficulties of this year, it maintains the power to positively shape our lives.

Throughout the year, the Michigan Architectural Foundation has continued to reach out to the public to re-emphasize that architecture enriches life, even in the midst of the pandemic and other challenges. The architecture of our lives is working to accommodate this new and dynamic reality. Our homes are our castles more than ever, the designs of our hospitals are under tremendous strain, the buildings that house our students are being asked to be flexible and responsive, and our places of work must adapt to a new workplace functionality.

MAF’s mission to advance awareness of how Michigan architecture enriches our lives continues to thrive through our programming in these challenging times. We continue to support the future of architecture through scholarships and internships for students; the restoration of historically significant architecture through grants and awards; and those who see architecture and design as a path forward into engaging environments that make our lives better through awareness, dialogue and information. We will continue to strengthen and expand these programs through our endowment and with your support.

This year, many of MAF’s grantees and board members have overcome safety and social distancing challenges by taking their programs to virtual formats. Their tremendous efforts have resulted in successfully carrying out their programs and program objectives, while discovering new opportunities to support participation and connect with larger audiences. MAF would like to commend each of them for rising to the occasion.

On behalf of MAF, I would like to offer our sincere thanks to three MAF board members who will finish their terms in 2020, and who have added so much to our efforts for the past several years.  Norm Hamman, AIA, Craig Thompson, and Brandon Kinsey, Hon. Affl. AIAMI, have contributed much to MAF and to our mission for architecture in Michigan.  We wish them well and hope to work with them again soon.

MAF remains committed to communicating with our audiences about our programs and with information on how architecture enriches life. Please visit MAF’s website regularly and follow us on social media for our latest news, and to make our connection with you even more meaningful.  We also encourage your interaction with MAF’s board members and our committee members; committee and board members are listed on our website.

We look forward to celebrating the remainder of 2020 and the coming year with you in good health, and by continuing to bring awareness of how architecture makes our lives better.


Tim Casai, FAIA                                                                                                                                                                  2020/2021 Michigan Architectural Foundation President