AIAM – MAF Architecture Awareness Program

Process for Grant Funding


The AIAM – MAF Architecture Awareness Committee will annually research and find potential grant candidates. There is no formal application process other than making Committee members aware of your program, or of one you think has merit.


The Committee will review all potential candidates. A simple majority vote will determine the grant recipient and the amount to funded. The Committee has full discretion on the amount of each grant and on any restrictions that may be placed on each grant.

Criteria for Selection

The Selection Committee

The Committee is comprised of appointees from both the MAF Board of Trustees and the American Institute of Architects – Michigan (AIAM). Half of the appointees are to be made by AIAM and half by MAF for any given calendar year and serve for one calendar year.

Each organization also appoints a co-chair from the Committee to serve a one-year term.

The members of the current AIAM-MAF Architecture Awareness Program Committee can be found under the Committees section.

Project Requirements

  • Enrich and intrigue students by providing opportunities for them to design communities, places and experiences that link their natural and built environments.
  • Foster sustained dialogue, mutual respect, and collaboration between the education of architects and the professional practice of architecture.
  • Inspire and facilitate the innovative use of science and technology to create equitable access to an enhanced quality of life in buildings and in our communities.
  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility through experiential opportunities related to the investigation, assessment, and ecological repurposing of existing buildings and spaces.
  • Cultivate mutual respect and linkages across geographic physical, and economic variabilities among design professionals of all ages to achieve optimal, collaborative solutions that have sustainable and positive impacts.