MAF “Architecture Inspires 2021” Photo Competition

Do you love taking photos of Michigan architecture as much as we do? Want the chance to see your photos (and photo credit) featured on MAF’s website and social media? What about the opportunity to win some prize money too? MAF is proud to announce its inaugural photography competition, “Architecture Inspires 2021”.

By popular demand, the contest deadline has been extended to September 15, 2021!

We invite anyone with a camera to show how architecture motivates people. We are looking for those one-of-a-kind inspirational images showing a unique relationship between people and buildings.

We want to be inspired by images that illustrate how architecture connects with people and enriches life. You are challenged to capture that special photograph that illustrates a unique juxtaposition of people and space, both interior and exterior.

As inspiration for the adventure try and seek a photograph that answers one or more of these statement about how “ARCHITECTURE DOES IT

- generations connect in ways they never imagined
- walls—and ceilings—can indeed talk
- a place on the map becomes a part of the family
- single moments become lifetime memories
- a simple space transforms into the perfect place
- wonder strikes when you least expect it
- dry history suddenly sweeps you away
- thousands of strangers grow closer together
- four walls shape the future

You can enter as many times as you want! We only ask that you work within the rules for the competition. The MAF judges will award winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize as follows:


Don’t worry if you don’t have the best equipment. Who knows, maybe your phone camera is all you will need to capture the winning images that answers ARCHITECTURE DOES IT!

Get inspired and impress us with your creativity! The contest runs through September 15, 2021.