Architecture Inspires!
MAF Photo Contest Coming in March


Do you love Michigan architecture? Does architecture inspire you? Do you like to spend your time taking photos of memorable Michigan buildings and places?

Architecture Inspires!, Michigan Architectural Foundation’s inaugural photography competition, is coming this March. MAF invites anyone with a camera and a love of architecture to show how architecture touches people, through one-of-a-kind inspirational images (either interior or exterior) showing a unique relationship between people and buildings or space

Get Inspired!

MAF asks that entrants approach the contest as an adventure, where inspiration for photographs answers one or more of these statements about how “ARCHITECTURE DOES IT”


  • generations connect in ways they never imagined
  • walls—and ceilings—can indeed talk
  • a place on the map becomes a part of the family
  • single moments become lifetime memories
  • a simple space transforms into the perfect place
  • wonder strikes when you least expect it.
  • history suddenly sweeps you away
  • thousands of strangers grow closer together
  • four walls shape the future

Whether you’re using a professional camera or your phone camera, are a professional photographer or an architecture fan who loves taking pictures, all are invited to submit.

Be ready to impress us with your creativity and to capture the winning image that answers why ARCHITECTURE DOES IT! – and how architecture inspires you.

More information to come. Be sure to check MAF’s website, newsletters, and social media for contest announcements and updates.